Sonu Media In Store Messaging Service

In-Store Messaging has greatly evolved from having a manager or employee make a live announcement over the phone. With our In-Store Messaging service, you can upload recorded messages for flawless automated delivery to your customers! Your shoppers are in a buying mood, and are somewhat captive in the physical space of your store. Select the appropriate overhead music using your SiriusXM Music for Business account, and play approved announcements at timed intervals via our Messager-USB technology that promote your business’ special offers.

The science of deploying In-Store Music and In-Store Messaging relies on the following:

  • The music genres being played are paramount. In-Store Music must be appropriate to the target-audience of your brand. If the music successfully aligns with your shoppers’ tastes, they will be drawn to listening to your in-store audio. When this happens, all In-Store Messaging will be heard.
  • When your business’ specials and offers get heard, sales happen. In-Store Messaging should be slightly louder than your SiriusXM Music for Business, but not set at an offensive volume. Creating your In-Store Messaging requires selecting proper voice talent and the optimum Days/Times to play specific announcements. A special offer on breakfast food will be more effective in the morning, as opposed to late in the day.

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