SiriusXM-Music-for-Business-Family-Friendly-StationsSiriusXM Music for Business has over 30 Family Friendly licensed streaming radio stations to play within your business! These channels are specifically edited to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all audiences. In addition to these channels already being set-up for a family atmosphere, you can use the SiriusXM Mobile App to tailor what’s playing even further. Call Sonu Media to have SiriusXM Music for Business installed, and never worry if your background music is going to offend a paying customer again!

Our clearly marked music for business channel guides make it easy to pick out family oriented overhead music. Family Friendly music for business channels are designated with an orange circle. This means ZERO profanity or offensive subject material will be heard within your place of business, and you never have to wonder if the next song will be acceptable. Take back your peace of mind, and activate music for business with Sonu Media.

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