In-Store Messaging

Reach your customers with overhead announcements


As any business owner or retail chain knows, providing the right atmosphere encourages customer satisfaction. In addition to music, in-store marketing can play a pivotal role in overall sales and service. Whether it’s over the phone or in the retail setting, most consumers agree that they enjoy their experience more with the right music and that ad-supported audio influences their purchases. The facts don’t lie: In store marketing and on-hold messages improve customer satisfaction and sales!

In-store messaging takes the basic amenity of background music and turns it into a proven revenue producer. Did you know:

  • 69% of shoppers spend 30 minutes or more in a retail store
  • 18% recall hearing retail audio commercial’s/promotional announcements
  • 54% recall hearing both Music and Commercials/promotional announcements in one visit.
  • 67% of retail audio listeners heard music programmed specifically for the retail environment as opposed to hearing a local radio station.
  • 57% think ad-supported retail audio is an acceptable form of advertising.
  • 25% think that retail audio advertising would influence their buying decisions
  • 41% of shoppers who heard a retail audio advertisement made an unplanned purchase.
  • 37% of the shoppers who hear a retail audio advertisement purchased a different brand from the one they originally intended.
  • 25% of U.S. shoppers believe that commercials and promotional announcements heard within the store influence their purchases.
  • 70% of shoppers who recall hearing retail audio advertisements find the commercials and announcements to be very or somewhat helpful to their shopping experience.

Sonu Media offers two hardware solutions to allow businesses to create made-to-order playlists and greetings that are sure to meet your businesses demands:

Multi Messager USB :

SiriusXM Multi-Messager USBThe Multi-Messager USB is a state-of-the-art digital message repeater that installs easily into any messaging application that requires triggered or timed message play. Messages are stored in MP3 format on any standard USB flash drive with no special software or drivers needed.

The Multi-Messager USB is capable of high-quality audio file playback of up to 128Kbps. Using this device, you can playback up to 99 audio files with continuous, interval & triggered playback and background music feed-through. The built in monitor speaker makes it easy to manage your device.

The Multi-Messager USB also offers wide variety of features such as an active output that can be connected to LEDs or relays for activation when a message is playing or a stop trigger to terminate message play. Programming of these and other features is extremely easy by using the detailed instruction manual.