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SiriusXM Channels available for Music for Business account holders.

SiriusXM Internet Radio

Music for Business

SiriusXM Music for Business Internet Radio
Grace Digital Internet Radio
Model # GDI-SXBR2

SiriusXM Internet Radio allows you to access over 100 SiriusXM channels of fully licensed music for business. 30 of these channels are programmed with ZERO DJ or Commercial Interruptions, so your sales floor never skips a beat. Over 40 of the SiriusXM Internet Radio channels are programmed as “Family Friendly” stations for businesses with family atmospheres.

No computer is required. You can connect your internet player using Wi-fi® or Ethernet connectivity, allowing you the flexibility to place the unit virtually anywhere within your business. With our online portal, you can set schedules to play different SiriusXM channels during the day making Internet Radio an ideal solution for background music in any size and any type of business.


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SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Music for Business

SiriusXM Music for Business Satellite Radio
Onyx EZ Satellite Radio Receiver
Model # XEZ1H1

SiriusXM Satellite Radio for Business can be used almost anywhere, and does not require an internet connection to play. With satellite radio for business, you will receive over 80 licensed commercial free SiriusXM channels. Family Friendly channels are available with satellite as well. Installation is easy! Professional installation for satellite radio is available – contact Sonu Media for more details.


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Exclusive SiriusXM Channels for Business

SiriusXM offers a diverse music selection to keep your customers engaged, energized and entertained, while also motivating your staff.

SiriusXM for Business offers 30 exclusive streaming stations curated specifically for the commercial verticals that rely on licensed music most. These SiriusXM channels are 100% DJ and Interruption-Free, giving your business the power of completely seamless and endless popular music. Within these exclusive business stations, the most utilized genres of business music are all represented. Your business will enjoy a wide selection of Pop music, spanning six separately featured decades, bright pop hits, and modern pop hits. Rock channels are available with focuses on Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Mellow rock, and more. Both Modern Country and Classic Country music are very popular, providing the sounds of the heartland for all generations. R&B, Soul, Electronic, Jazz, Christian, Italian Blend, Latin, and Seasonal Holiday channels are also available within these exclusive SiriusXM Channels for Business. Activate with Sonu Media, and power your audio system with all of this great licensed music content!

*Some exclusions may apply. Some business types require additional licensing agreements.