Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my consumer SiriusXM subscription in my business?

There’s an important difference between SiriusXM’s consumer service and our commercial service. Only SiriusXM Music for Business meets the needs of business. It includes the required payments of public performance royalties to rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, and SoundExchange, which represent the music copyright holders. All the royalties are included in your Music for Business monthly rate. This means, in addition to getting a music service that helps create an engaging environment for your business, all the licensing and administration is handled for you. Please Note: Business users must subscribe to a SiriusXM Business subscription. It is a violation of the SiriusXM Customer Agreement for consumers to use a consumer subscription for a business. A business user’s subscription is governed by the Customer Agreement for Music for Business Services.


Do SiriusXM Music for Business satellite and streaming services include the same content?

Both our satellite and streaming services offer great ad-free music. However, with the streaming service, 30 of the music channels are uninterrupted (no hosts, DJs, etc.). Streaming subscribers also get access to additional streaming-only music channels.


Can I install SiriusXM Music for Business equipment myself?

Absolutely. For satellite, you’ll need to make sure the SiriusXM antenna supplied with your radio is mounted outside with a clear view to the sky. To access our streaming service, you have three equipment options: 1) A SiriusXM streaming radio, which requires an internet connection; 2) An internet-connected computer that can access our service via our Web Player (an Ethernet cable is better than WiFi); 3) The SiriusXM app, which can be downloaded and accessed on both Android and iOS tablets and mobile devices. Once installed, these solutions can be easily connected to your existing business audio system/speakers. If you prefer professional installation, we can refer you to a professional installer in your area. Just let us know when you subscribe.


Can I block channels that I don’t want played at my business?

All dedicated Music for Business players have the ability to block, password-protect, or hide channels you prefer not to play. Please refer to your radio manual for instructions. You can also block channels via devices that support our online management portal.


Why does the channel I’m listening to stop playing on the SiriusXM Music for Business Web Player?

Our desktop and online web players use state-of-the-art technology to automatically reconnect when there is latency in your internet connection. There still may be an occasional disconnect, in which case you simply need to restart the player. If it happens more frequently, we suggest doing a speed test on your internet service and perhaps moving to a higher-speed plan from your provider.


Is there a limit to the number of channels I can add to Favorites on the Music for Business Web Player?

You can add up to 25 channels to your Favorites on the Music for Business Web Player.