SiriusXM Music for Business Grace Digital Radio Web Portal

Business Radio Web Portal

SiriusXM Music for Business offers business owners complete control over licensed streaming music. The Grace Digital Radio ( GDI-SXBR2) comes with a complimentary Web Portal, which gives the account holder a variety of tools to manage and customize their in-store music. Set up a schedule of different SiriusXM Music for Business stations to play automatically during different portions of the day. Access to the portal is free with your SiriusXM Business Internet Subscription. Here is a quick description of some of the most common features:

Central Control – Manage and control one radio (or hundreds of radios) from a single web interface. Perfect for businesses with multiple sites that want to keep all their facilities singing to the same tune.

Scheduling – Access the portal to set daypart schedules in which you can program the radio to automatically change channels, volume, and even turn on and off based on time and day settings.

Monitoring – At a glance you can check to see if your radios are online and what channel they are playing.


SiriusXM Business Mobile App

This is the perfect hardware-free solution that allows you to easily connect and control SiriusXM Music for Business using your existing computer, smartphone, or tablet. Enjoy added features such as Custom Mix so that you hear more of what you want without the DJ chatter across all channels. Use the SiriusXM Music for Business App to change the song selection without interrupting your streaming business music. The easy-to-use Slider System allows you to tailor the “feel” of your station’s song selection with ZERO TRAINING from anywhere in your business. With one touch, you can even make your stream commercial free!

NEW! Online Player & App

No player required! Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to stream SiriusXM Business into your facility.


Get Started in Minutes

The fastest way to get started. Sign up, download the app, and you’ll be rocking your business in minutes.


Customize Channels

Use this exclusive app-only feature to customize channels and create a signature sound for your business.


Family Friendly Lyrics

Our business lineup offers family friendly options with no explicit content or suggestive lyrics


All Music. No Interruptions.

Every business channel is programmed free of DJs, commercial interruptions and station IDs.


Licensed and Legal

If you play music in your business it has to be licensed. Rest easy, with SiriusXM business all of your licensing is covered.


Sign up for SiriusXM Music for Business with Sonu Media, and gain the control over your business music you’ve always dreamed of.

*Some exclusions may apply. Some business types require additional licensing agreements.