With SiriusXM Music for Business, business owners now have the ability to create their own voice messages and insert them into rotation with SiriusXM curated music. Build your own sound of success with ease using the web portal, which gives you the freedom to control the music in your business from anywhere in the world. SiriusXM Music for Business in-store messaging makes it easy to inform customers about sales or specials, unique products or just to share your company’s latest achievement.


As any business owner or retail chain knows, providing the right atmosphere encourages customer satisfaction. In addition to music, in-store marketing can play a pivotal role in overall sales and service. Whether it’s over the phone or in the retail setting, most consumers agree that they enjoy their experience more with the right music and that ad-supported audio influences their purchases. The facts don’t lie: In store marketing and on-hold messages improve customer satisfaction and sales!

In-store messaging takes the basic amenity of background music and turns it into a proven revenue producer. Did you know:

69% of shoppers spend 30
minutes or more in a retail store

18% recall hearing retail
audio commercial’s/promotional announcements

54% recall hearing both
Music and Commercials/promotional announcements in one visit.

67% of retail audio
listeners heard music programmed specifically for the retail environment as
opposed to hearing a local radio station.

57% think ad-supported
retail audio is an acceptable form of advertising.

25% think that retail audio advertising would influence their buying decisions

41% of shoppers who heard a retail audio advertisement made an unplanned purchase.

37% of the shoppers who hear a retail audio advertisement purchased a different brand from the one they originally intended.

25% of U.S. shoppers believe that commercials and promotional announcements heard within the store influence their purchases.

70% of shoppers who recall hearing retail audio advertisements find the commercials and announcements to be very or somewhat helpful to their shopping experience.

SiriusXM Music for Business can turn an ordinary errand into a pleasure—and potentially tip the scale between window shopping and making a sale. Our service enables overhead audio messages so you can highlight important new deals, products, or other announcements.  Recording your In-Store Messaging is easy with the web portal (see image above for example). Build your own playlists, lock the screen so it can’t be tampered with, insert custom messages into the rotation, modify your on-hold music with a custom messages and much more. Create the ultimate customer experience with SiriusXM Music for Business.

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