SiriusXM Players

SiriusXM Players for Business give your property ease-of-access and complete control over your music for business.

SiriusXM Players | GDI-SXBR3 Radio

The SiriusXM GDI-SXBR3 Business Streaming Radio offers quick & easy setup for your business or office with no computer required. Use the color screen display, control knob, and buttons to change channels, access radio features, and control your music experience directly from the player itself.

The GDI-SXBR3 also comes with access to the complimentary Franchise Management Portal, which enables control of multiple properties via a centralized web program. Completely customize and control the music across all of your properties from the comfort of your home or headquarters. Schedule and automate Power On/Off times, Station Changes by Day Part, Group Properties together to create Regional Music Strategies, and take complete control of all SiriusXM players actively streaming for your brand.

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SiriusXM Players | Sound Station Radio

The GDI-SXTTR2 business radio is the most mobile of all SiriusXM players on the market today. Connect to an internet network via both ethernet and wireless options. Use the newest SiriusXM Music for Business large color LCD display menu to browse over 100 endless streaming licensed SiriusXM channels, lock or block stations for brand security, and program up to 10 favorite presets. Use the on-board equalizer to perfect the quality and volume over your property’s sound system, and take your SiriusXM player on-the-go with the powerful portable speaker! With the SiriusXM Sound Station radio, the sound of success truly travels everywhere.

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SiriusXM Players | BREO/BREW Internet Radio

The SiriusXM BREW/BREO Internet Radio gives your business all of the power of SiriusXM Music, and adds complete mobile app control. Forget having to return to your music for business radio unit every time you wish to make a change! Simply open your SiriusXM Music for Business App on your smart device, and tailor the overhead music in your property on-the-go. Call Sonu Media for Free Quotes and Product Details on the SiriusXM BREO/BREW Business Radio Player.

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SiriusXM Players | ONYX EZ Satellite Radio

The XEZ1H1 Satellite Radio allows your business to enjoy the sounds of SiriusXM for Business without having internet available at your property. Some businesses are either on the move too often, or are located in extreme rural locations. The SiriusXM ONYX EZ receiver is the perfect SiriusXM player to offer your patrons great licensed music in these situations. You will receive over 80 licensed commercial free music channels. Choose up to 10 presets for easy selection of your favorite SiriusXM for Business channels, and keep your business rocking at the edge of wilderness!

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