Frequently Asked Questions


SiriusXM Music for Business FAQ

Q. How do I set up a SiriusXM Music for Business Account?

A. Setting up services is easy! Just call Sonu Media at 877-307-6677. Our sales and customer service team will help you decide which products will work best
for you.

Q. Why are music service subscriptions for business more expensive than consumer subscriptions; and can I use my home Sirius XM service in my business?

A. Music played for the enjoyment of patrons or in any type of business setting is considered a “performance”. Royalties for such performances must be paid to the performance rights organizations. When you subscribe to SiriusXM Music for Business, these royalties are included in your subscription and are paid directly to the performance rights organizations on behalf of your business.

Q. How is SiriusXM Music for Business programming different from other background music services?

A. With a SiriusXM Music for Business subscription, your business has access to commercial-free music. Playlists are hand-picked by passionate and dedicated programmers who specialize in their genres, selecting tracks to create a unique music experience. We offer a diverse selection of music that will keep your customers coming back! In addition, unlike other music services, there are no long-term contracts.

Q. Can I install SiriusXM Music for Business equipment myself?

A. Yes. Installing either a satellite or Internet radio is easy. If you need assistance our staff can help walk you through the easy steps. If you’d prefer professional installation, we will gladly schedule installation for an additional fee.

Q. Can Sonu Media install my system?

A. Yes! Sonu Media is a nationwide service provider. We can assist with any installation or service needs anywhere in the continental U.S.


Music on Hold FAQ

Q. Should I expect to pay a monthly or yearly fee?

A. There are no recurring subscription fees for custom messages. However, there is an upfront purchase for the message on-hold equipment and a one-time fee for each custom message production.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my music on hold production?

A. We can usually have your on-hold production to you in about 5 business days depending on the exact order placed.

Q. Do I have to buy a music on hold player and production separately?

A. We offer complete music on hold packages including a state of the art digital on-hold player. If you do not need an on-hold player you can order a custom-made production in a variety of formats such as CD or MP3 file.

Q. Local FM radio is free. Why can’t I just play that on hold?

A. While Local FM Radio is free for you to listen to, it is illegal to rebroadcast radio content on hold or in your business without the proper licenses. These fees cost more than purchasing your own music on hold production, you have no control over the content, and you may be advertising for your competitors without knowing.

Q. OK. I understand about the radio; but what about playing my Barry Manilow CD?

A. Everyone loves Copacabana; but the same rules as the radio apply here.

Q. When my callers are placed on hold will they always hear the beginning of the message?

A. No. Your music on hold message is played continually, so that each time a caller is place on hold they will hear a different part of the message.

Q. Can I use my CD player?

A. Yes you can, but it’s not a good idea for a few reasons. Consumer CD and mp3 players are not designed to play continuously 24/7. CD players are particularly prone to failure due to motors burning out. Consumer audio devices also do not have a volume output suited to phone systems (they will sound too quiet). Lastly, consumer devices do not have an “auto restart after power interruption” feature that on-hold players do.

Q. I really don’t put callers on hold that long; do I need music on hold?

A. The person placing the call on hold usually underestimates how long the caller is on hold and how long the caller actually feels like they have been on hold. Silence makes hold time seem much longer than it really is. Next time you are put on-hold when you call a company, see how long it takes you to form an impression about the company you are calling. Most people form an impression of the company they are calling within the first five seconds.

Q. What benefits can I expect from a music on hold message?

A. The main purpose of an on hold message is to reduce perceived hold time for the caller which reduces hang-ups. An on hold message from Sonu Media does more. Our custom on hold productions enhance the image of your company; informs and entertains callers; and encourages them to wait on the line longer, which increases sales. We promote your products, services and specials to increase your cross selling. Your production pays for itself.

Q. Do I need a professional to install the music on hold unit or can I do it myself?

A. Many phone systems have an RCA or 1/8th jack clearly marked as “MOH” or “Music”. Installation is as simple as plugging the unit in. We can provide professional installation if you need it.