Can Music Affect the Perception of My Business and Its Brand?


All businesses, whether retail, restaurants, bars, or corporations, need a solid and identifiable brand. You want people to easily recognize who you are as a business. This requires consistent use of your brand in all of your marketing. This article is going to focus on the sound of your brand.

Branding is more than your logo and your website. What do you want people to do or feel when they are in your establishment? How can you use your branding to encourage people to choose you over your competition? How can the sound of your brand encourage more positive reviews?

  • Positive Atmosphere. Quality of shopping experience has recently become one of the most important factors in people’s decisions about where to shop. With the option of online shopping, you need to give people a reason to come into your store. Pricing or a more diverse selection of products in your brick and mortar store are irrelevant to people’s choice of where and how to shop now. You also have to make people feel something when they enter your retail location. First determine what you want your brand to sound like. Meaning, who is your audience, how do you want them to feel when in your establishment, and what do you want them to think of you. SiriusXM for business has over 100 business-friendly channels, 30+ channels that are free of DJ chatter and commercials, as well as music spanning over a dozen genres. You can easily find the sound of your brand.

The same thing applies to restaurants – meal delivery services like Blue Plate or Hello Fresh have given people a reason to stay home and either make their own dinner or order from the many restaurant delivery apps like Grub Hub or Uber Eats. You need to give people a reason, and the appropriate atmosphere, to come into your place of business. If you are an elegant restaurant, you want people to spend extra on dessert or after-dinner drinks. So, you’ll want to play music that encourages your guests to linger over their meal. If you are a family restaurant, you want to turn over your tables faster and you’ll want your music to be family-friendly. Creating a consistent, musical experience helps your customers get to know, understand and love your brand.

  • Set the pace of shopping/dining – How do you want people to act while they’re in your store? Do you want them to spend a long time wandering and browsing? Or do you want them to feel excited, dashing about from display to display? You can encourage your customers to adopt your preferred shopping pace simply by altering the music that’s coming out of your Sirius XM radio. You can even choose one type of music when it’s very busy, encouraging shoppers to make faster decisions, and another type of music when volume is low, encouraging them to linger.
  • Shorten waiting time – Music can affect people’s perception of time. A long line will feel shorter if people waiting are entertained. Boredom causes their perception of time to slow down and then they start to get annoyed or just leave, making them less likely to return. The wait for their meal in a restaurant will feel shorter if the customer is conversing and/or the children are calmer; because of the right background music. This one also applies to doctors’, dentists’ and law offices.
  • Increased productivity of your staff – This one applies to any office as music in your place of business can benefit your staff by increasing concentration, creativity and morale.

Now that you know how music can influence your customer’s perception of your company’s brand, you’ll want to know why you should choose Sirius XM for business and you’ll have some questions like:

  • “Why can’t I just put a radio in the corner of my restaurant and play that for my customers.”
  • “My shop is small, so I just created a playlist of my purchased music and hook my phone up to a blue-tooth speaker. What is wrong with that?”

The answer to both of these questions involves music licensing. Purchasing music allows only you to listen to it privately or with friends. Once you play music from your phone or other device in a business, it’s a public performance and must be licensed. A SiriusXM for business subscription from Sonu Media includes all licensing fees and contracts.

In addition, if you get a good enough signal to play broadcast radio in your business, your customers would listen to any commercials that radio station plays. Do you really want to advertise your competitor’s business to your customers? SiriusXM for business has over 30 commercial and DJ-free stations. If you want play your own announcements periodically throughout the day, you can add on an In-Store Messaging Device which will include a USB drive to record your own messages and plug it into the messaging device. The device will stop your music at pre-programmed times to make your announcements and then continue the music afterwards.

What if you are out sick or on vacation? Will your staff play the appropriate station, or even turn the music on at all? SiriusXM for business is managed on the cloud, so you can be at home or on vacation and still control the music at your place of business.

Sirius XM for business is easy to install yourself. The equipment is plug and play and can be located anywhere your WIFI signal reaches (so anywhere in your business you want to put it). You can control it with your cell phone or your computer. Right now, Sonu Media is offering an introductory rate of $19.99 per month for the first three months. This subscription rate is only for new customers and includes auto-renewal. Please contact one of our customer service specialists today.

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