80s Music for Business

SiriusXM 80’s Music channels have some of the best artist and track selections from every major genre. Whether it’s 80’s Hair Bands, 80’s Pop Songs, 80’s Hip-Hop, 80’s Country, 80’s Classic Rock, or 80’s Electronic Tracks, SiriusXM has the music to take your business back to the future! Give your commercial property the power of neon audio, and enjoy the positive energy of one of the greatest decades of all time.

SiriusXM music for business has 10 different stations either fully dedicated or mixing in the best of 80’s licensed music. Four of those channels are professionally curated with zero interruptions, and also feature completely family friendly programming. 1st Wave, Hair Nation, The Groove, 80’s and 90’s Pop, 80’s Pop Hits, Rock the Bells Radio, 70’s and 80’s Classic Rock, R&B Hits, and Country Hits 80’s and 90’s. With these channels on in your business, your future is so bright… you’ll have to wear shades! Every generation has more fun listening to the songs that made the 1980’s culture and movies so undeniably memorable.

Show your staff and guests just how much fun being a part of your success can be! Activate SiriusXM Music for Business to get all of this licensed 80’s music, and over 90 other channels dedicated to more than 60 years of hit music. Call Sonu Media at (877) 307-6677 to speak with a live representative, or click the button below to receive a free quote for activation and business radio equipment. You’ll be van surfing in no-time!

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