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Best Music for Business | SiriusXM

So, you’re interested in upgrading to a music for business service. You’ve been compiling research on all the commercial radio options available, and you’ve noticed there are only a few that seem to fit your needs without giant headaches. Don’t panic! This article will show you why Sonu Media and SiriusXM Music for Business are the best option for officially licensed streaming commercial overhead music. When it comes to your customers and employees, we know you only want the best music for your business.

SiriusXM for Business

  • 24 Hour Streaming Music
  • Interruption-Free Stations
  • Paid licensing via ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC
  • Free Mobile App
  • Premium Receiver w/ Additional Management
  • Remote Web-Based Control for Multiple Locations

$24.95 p/m
(3 Months at $19.99)

Sonu Media and SiriusXM Music for Business not only offer the same, if not more, options and benefits for commercial overhead music, but do it FOR LESS on top of it! Whether you’re a small business with one location, or a major franchise with many locations, SiriusXM for business is the best choice by far. Activate your account with Sonu Media, and receive a 3 Month Introductory Rate of only $19.99 per month. Call us to find more information on rebates toward the Grace Digital Radio Receiver, and ask about Speakers while you’re at it. Sonu Media has the best solutions for your business media needs.