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Sonu Media offers Healthcare and Hospitality facilities commercial speakers alongside of our SiriusXM Music & Messaging for Business equipment and services. Great licensed background music and automated public promotional announcements are simply better with an updated commercial sound system. Sonu Media has access to the right speakers, amplifiers, and audio equipment mounts to upgrade your facility for quality sound.

Ceiling Speakers offer an unobstructed, low-profile solution for any business setting. Their recessed installation provides a classy hidden motif, while creating the perfect angle for patrons to absorb promotional messaging. With flying leads for .5W, 1W, 2W, and 4W tap settings, this speaker’s output can be adjusted to meet any business’ requirements. The included tile bridge features strengthening ribs and wire loops for added support to ensure a secure installation. A sturdy aluminum baffle makes our ceiling speakers less prone to rust and increases durability – an ideal combination for commercial applications.

Wallmount Speakers eliminate the need for recessed installation, and also provide premium quality sound. Thanks to premium components and dual voice coils for wider sound dispersion, our commercial Wallmount Speakers is optimized for outstanding performance, with stereo sound quality from a single speaker. Perfect for everything from easy listening on a weeknight to a party on the weekend. A rugged build, UV-treated casing, and stainless steel hardware allow for optimal performance in any setting.

Outdoor Speakers can extend the ambiance of your hotel or motel property beyond the threshold of your building, and continue your branding to any outdoor facilities on your grounds. Offer guests the benefit of SiriusXM Music for Business while they visit your pool or enjoy cocktails outside. Our outdoor commercial speakers are wall mounted, and designed using weatherproofed glue for optimal performance in any condition. Whether it’s extreme heat, excessive moisture, or another environmental hazard, these speakers are more than up to the challenge.

Contact Sonu Media via phone or email for a FREE QUOTE & CONSULTATION on commercial speaker products and installation. Our parent company, Sonu Satellite, has been serving the Hospitality and Healthcare industries for over 20 successful years. Allow us to provide your business with the quality audio equipment, music services, and promotional messaging systems it deserves.

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