In Store Messaging Communicate with EveryoneSiriusXM and Sonu Media offer powerful media branding tools to businesses across the nation. Although every business would like to have a true public radio broadcast dedicated solely to their company, the idea is certainly not cost effective. That is why SiriusXM Music & Messaging for business services are crucial to your branding. We offer business owners the opportunity to integrate custom promotional messaging into both their In-Store Background Music and Call On-Hold Background Music. This creates the exact same media experience for your customers as if you were to own a public radio broadcast for your business. Not only will your patrons associate your brand with the music they hear on their favorite radio stations every day, but your current promotions on new sales and products will accompany them at the timing you choose.

SiriusXM Music for Business grants your company access to over 100 channels of endless streaming licensed radio. These are professionally curated playlists designed to create comfortable environments, and engage your customers. When the majority of people think of background music, they immediately jump to an idea of obscure Jazz songs without any words. We assure you SiriusXM Music for Business channels are not streaming “elevator music”. Whether your brand and environment aligns more with Pop, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Electronic, etc…, SiriusXM has your business covered. These are the songs you know and love licensed for business use.

SiriusXM Music for Business Streaming Channels

Playing copyrighted music from major labels and artists without a proper business license and royalty fees, is very illegal and puts your company at risk of major lawsuits. Sonu Media saves you time and protects your wallet by taking care of all royalty payments to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. When you activate SiriusXM Music for Business with Sonu Media, you simply turn on the music and go about your daily business routine. No thought necessary! We even offer upgraded receivers that provide business owners with centralized management over multiple locations, the ability to schedule channel changes by day part, and dual outputs for feeding your SiriusXM music through to your phone system. Just imagine how many more sales calls your business will retain when customers are listening to music they know, rather than boring muzak.

Messaging On-Hold Example

Real sample of our Messaging On-Hold Service working for businesses.

Couple the power of popular music with custom promotional messaging, delivered by professional writers/voice actors, and now we’re talking about custom branded radio! Our messaging systems can be set to integrate your promotional content at specific timing, providing an amazing marketing format for your products, services, and sales. Customers both within your store and on-hold with your phone system, are a captive audience for your brand. The best time to inform them of your new products and updated promotions, is while they are already interacting with your company. Don’t miss out on driving additional sales! Contact Sonu Media, and ask about creating your licensed custom branded radio station today.

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