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In-Store Messaging has greatly evolved from having a manager or employee make a live announcement over the phone. With our In-Store Marketing services, you can upload recorded messages for flawless automated delivery to your customers! Your shoppers are in a buying mood, and already visiting your business. Select the appropriate background music using your SiriusXM Music for Business account, and play approved marketing announcements at timed intervals via our Messager-USB technology. Create public promotion of your business’ special offers without any extra effort.

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The science of deploying In-Store Music and In-Store Messaging relies on the following:

  • The music genres being played are paramount. In-Store Music must be appropriate to the target-audience of your brand. If the music successfully aligns with your shoppers’ tastes, they will be drawn to listening to your in-store audio. When this happens, all In-Store Messaging will be heard.
  • When your business’ specials and offers get heard, sales happen. In-Store Messaging should be slightly louder than your SiriusXM Music for Business, but not set at an offensive volume. Creating your In-Store Messaging requires selecting proper voice talent and the optimum Days/Times to play specific announcements. A special offer on breakfast food will be more effective in the morning, as opposed to late in the day.

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