SiriusXM Music for Business Customization

SiriusXM Music for Business

SiriusXM Music for Business gives business owners the ability to customize their in-store licensed streaming music. The Grace Digital Radio comes with a complimentary Web Portal, which allows you to schedule and automate different radio stations by day part. The SiriusXM Mobile App even lets owners customize the track selection LIVE with an easy-to-use slider system!

With overhead music for business, the more control the better. Unlike the “Thumbs” system used by Pandora for Business, SiriusXM Music for Business offers you over 100 Streaming channels of professionally curated playlists. More than 30 of these stations are designed with absolutely no interruptions. That means no DJ announcements, no advertisements, and ZERO dead air. Find the genre of music best suited for your brand, and simply set it and forget it. Our updated channel guide even makes it easy to find stations that are curated for family atmospheres. Need overhead music you can trust will not play anything containing profanity or risque subject material? Pull up our SiriusXM Music for Business Internet Channel Guide, pick a clearly marked family friendly station, and go about your day!

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