Licensing overhead music can seem pretty complicated for any business owner. Let’s face it… You’ve spent a large part of your life educating yourself and refining your craft in the industry your business resides, not learning about the finer details of how commercial overhead music works. Maybe you’ve meant to sit down and learn why you should be paying royalty fees on the music you play for your customers and employees, but the daily tasks of being a business owner don’t allow you the extra time. Unfortunately, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC don’t find a lack of time and/or understanding to be valid excuses when they file a lawsuit against your company for Copyright Infringement.

So, in the interest of every business owner’s most valuable commodity, let’s get down to the “brass tax” shall we?

Is SiriusXM Music for Business Cost Effective?

SiriusXM Music for Business Grace Digital RadioThe resounding answer to this question, is YES… and here is why. At a minor monthly charge of $25 a month, you will gain access to over 100 Channels of 24/7 Streaming Licensed Overhead Music. Not to mention, Sonu Media will personally pay all of your Royalty Fees. This means the entirety of the hassle involved with protecting your business from Music Copyright Infringement simply disappears.

The shortest month of any year is February, at 28 days long. When you divide that $25 monthly SiriusXM Music for Business subscription by the 28 days in February, it turns out the most you will pay for any month of endless streaming overhead music… will be about $0.89 a day! For less than the cost of one sale for most businesses, you can erase the worries of music licensing and copyright infringement forever.

Special SiriusXM Introductory Offer

Now that we’ve gone over exactly how cost effective SiriusXM Music for Business is, let’s talk about how we make it even cheaper for you to start. For the first 3 Months of your account activation, we will drop your monthly subscription fee to $19.99. This makes the first 90 days of your subscription just $0.66 a Day! Contact us at Sonu Media to take advantage of this great offer, and even better commercial service.

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