Office Music Licensed by SiriusXM for Business

Office music is a snap with SiriusXM Music for Business. Activate with zero long-term contract agreements, and get over 100 SiriusXM channels to play via both your overhead speaker system and business phone line. SiriusXM for Business has every major genre represented within their licensed channel list, giving your office the opportunity to play exactly the type of music that is both congruent to your brand and motivational for your customers/employees. Whether your preferences are Pop, Jazz, Country, Electronic, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Christian, or Latin Speaking Stations, SiriusXM has the office music to complete your desired environment.

Office Music is best when it plays seamlessly in the background without the need for someone to constantly attend to it. Sonu Media provides professional SiriusXM for Business radio receivers that offer simple channel selection, programmable favorites buttons, lock functions for security, and many more convenient features for business owners and property managers. Of the 100+ SiriusXM channels provided with a business account, 40+ channels are curated with ZERO Interruptions from any commercials or DJ personalities. These stations provide the best streaming office music options for traditionally quiet areas, such as waiting rooms, call centers, executive offices, bathrooms, and lobbies.

Does your office music need to be family-friendly? SiriusXM Music for Business clearly lists 30+ Family-Friendly channels that are professionally curated for your business environment. Does your office music need to satisfy both a work environment and on-site daycare center? Purchase multiple SiriusXM for Business accounts with Sonu Media, and complete independent music zones where different channels can be playing simultaneously. Provide smooth Jazz sounds for your lobby and sales floor, and KIDZ BOP Radio for your professional daycare facilities without any hassle at all.

Have you ever been put on hold by a business you were calling for information, and bombarded with a deafening silence for minutes at a time? Make a positive decision for your bottom line, and activate SiriusXM for Business as your Music On-Hold provider. The same licensed music you have playing through your overhead speaker system can be easily streamed via your company phone line as well. 90% of callers placed on hold with dead air hang up within 40 seconds. Retain more callers, and make more sales with Sonu Media and SiriusXM Music for Business.

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