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Background Music for Restaurants is a music for business solution Sonu Media and SiriusXM are very familiar with. Dining establishments are extremely diverse, and choosing a certain style of background music can either make or break the atmosphere for your customer experience. Luckily, SiriusXM Background Music for Business has 30+ licensed streaming channels designed specifically for background music without interruptions.

As you can see in the channel lineup above, nearly every genre of music you could want for your restaurant is included within our programming. Whether your dining experience calls for a more classic Italian background music, a boot-stomping Country theme, or a more modern Top 40 Pop Hits motif, Sonu Media and SiriusXM Background Music for Business have got you covered with fully-licensed commercial free radio stations. These stations are exclusive for business account holders, and are professionally curated to satisfy the requirements of commercial settings. Channels marked with an orange dot are specifically created as “Family Friendly” stations, and will play profanity-free, family oriented music 24 hours a day. This makes censoring background music for Family Restaurants 100% worry-free.

siriusxm music for business channels

As if these channels don’t make background music for restaurants easy enough, you also get the SiriusXM Mobile App FREE with your activation of SiriusXM Music for Business at Sonu Media. The mobile app makes streaming and controlling your background music possible from anywhere in your establishment. Use the unique slider system to manually customize the feel of your currently streaming background music channel, and even make the full 100+ Music for Business available channels “interruption-free”. Couple the mobile app with our SONOS Play Series Wireless Speakers, and now you have a truly wireless background music experience.


SONOS Play Series Wireless Speakers can be linked together to create a completely custom sound system for your restaurant. Available in both Black & White, these speakers can be mounted in any location for sleek hidden background music. The SONOS system is also better for background music, because it runs exclusively on WiFi instead of Bluetooth. When streaming a wireless audio signal, WiFi allows for the purest, least-compressed sound possible. It also will not be interrupted by phone calls or notifications when streaming via your mobile device.Sonos PLAY 1 Wall Mount Wireless SpeakerWant to take full control of the daily programming of streaming background music in your restaurant? We are currently running a special rebate on the powerful Grace Digital Radio Receiver! This low profile device not only dedicates your SiriusXM Background Music for Business streaming service to the most solid signal possible, it also gives you access to a brilliant stream management portal. Through the portal, you can automate your restaurant’s background music to turn on and off at specific times of day, change stations at specific times of day, and even control a fleet of radios for franchises from one central location. Take charge of the atmosphere in your restaurant. Activate SirusXM Music for Business with Sonu Media today!


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