SiriusXM Music for Business accounts can join the birthday celebration of Paul McCartney, June 18th, all weekend long on The Beatles Channel (CH 18)! There are tons of special playlists, concert broadcasts, and exclusive interviews to enjoy with your staff and guests.

McCartney Birthday Broadcast Schedule

“Eight Songs a Week”, the special Beatles playlist handpicked weekly by the fans themselves, will be airing a very special tribute to Paul McCartney on Friday (6/15) at 4pm ET. Tune in to hear how the listeners feel which songs best accentuate the life of one of the most successful musicians of all time.

  • Premiere: Friday (6/15) 4pm ET
  • Replays: Friday (6/15) 7pm ET, Saturday (6/16) 12pm ET, Sunday (6/17) 1pm ET, Monday (6/18) 3pm ET

“Magical McCartney Maxi Concert” is an epic broadcast devised by the curators of SiriusXM’s The Beatles Channel. This Paul McCartney fan’s dream playlist is a full hour of live hits and solos. It is an audio event you do not want to miss!

  • Premiere: Friday (6/15) 5pm ET
  • Replays: Saturday (6/16) 3pm ET, Sunday (6/17) 8pm ET, Monday (6/18) 2pm ET

“Paul McCartney LIVE at The Apollo” is a SiriusXM Exclusive broadcast event. Hear the wonder of Paul McCartney’s first performance at the fabled Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York City in 2010. This epic concert was played for SiriusXM subscribers, and we are extremely happy to bring it back in celebration of his birthday.

  • Premiere: Saturday (6/16) 10pm ET
  • Replays: Monday (6/18) 7pm ET

“Band On The Run Special” is an extra-special tribute to the making of the “Band On The Run” album released by Paul McCartney and Wings in 1973. Placed within both the 100 Greatest British Albums by Q Magazine, and The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine, “Band On The Run” is an inarguable staple within McCartney’s stellar musical career.

  • Premiere: Sunday (6/17) 11am ET
  • Replays: Monday (6/18) 12pm ET

“Fab Fourum” is the beloved weekly talk show hosted by Dennis Elsas and Bill Flanagan on SiriusXM’s The Beatles Channel, and it is appropriately dedicated to Paul McCartney this week! The show has special guests Robbie McIntosh (former McCartney Band Mate) and Dennis DeYoung (Styx Lead Singer) discussing all things McCartney and even taking live calls from fans.

  • Live Premiere: Wednesday (6/13) 9pm ET
  • Replays: Saturday (6/16) 7am ET, Sunday (6/17) 6pm ET

“Northern Songs” is Bill Flanagan’s special tribute to the solo albums of Paul McCartney this week. You’re not going to hear any Wings or Beatles tunes on this show! Flanagan devotes his entire broadcast to songs from “McCartney” (1970), “McCartney II” (1980), “Tug of War” (1982), “Pipes of Peace” (1983), “Give My Regards to Broadstreet” (1984), “Press to Play” (1986), “Снова В СССР” (1988), “Flowers in the Dirt” (1989), “Off The Ground” (1993), “Flaming Pie” (1997), “Run Devil Run” (1999), “Driving Rain” (2001), “Chaos and Creation in The Backyard” (2005), “Memory Almost Full” (2007), “Kisses on the Bottom” (2012), and “NEW” (2013).

  • Premiere: Monday (6/11) 9pm ET
  • Replays: Thursday (6/14) 10pm ET, Saturday (6/16) 7pm ET, Sunday (6/17) 11pm ET, Monday (6/18) 9pm ET

“Breakfast with The Beatles” is the weekly sit down with acclaimed musician and Beatles afficionado, Chris Carter. Chris is devoting 3 whole hours of his show to music by Paul McCartney in celebration of Macca’s day of birth. Join him on your Monday morning, and pep up for your work day!

  • Premiere: Monday (6/18) – 8am-11am ET

“Dark Horse Radio” will be airing a special celebration of the friendship between Paul McCartney and George Harrison this week. Join host Laura Cantrell as she delves into one of the most talked about musical relationships in history.

  • Premiere: Thursday (6/14) 2pm ET
  • Replays: Friday (6/15) 10pm ET, Sunday 6/17) 4pm ET, Tuesday (6/19) Midnight ET. Wednesday (6/20) Noon ET

“Peter Asher From Me to You: A-Z” is Peter Asher’s tribute to the Letter P, and naturally features songs with Paul McCartney! Catch this alphabetical tribute starting Thursday, June 14th.

  • Premiere: Thursday (6/14) 8pm ET
  • Replays: Saturday (6/16) 5pm ET, Sunday (6/17) 8am ET, Tuesday 6/19) 1pm ET


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