Hispanic Heritage Month 2018 on SiriusXM

Hispanic Heritage month begins today, September 14th, on SiriusXM Music for Business! Enjoy a full month of exclusive Spanish music, interviews with major Spanish musicians, and performances by some of the biggest talents in world Hispanic culture. Tune in to the great list of Spanish music channels below, and hear special broadcast events including stars such as CNCO, Lele Pons, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Juanes, and more!

Unique interviews and performances celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2018 can be aired in your business on SiriusXM’s Caliente, Águila, La Kueva, Caricia, Rumbon, and Flow Nación. Six of the amazing 8 licensed stations dedicated to Spanish music and Hispanic musicians. Highlights of this month long event are listed below with broadcast details. Tune in at your business, and appreciate Hispanic culture with your patrons and staff.

SiriusXM “Caliente” (158)

Music for Business Sirius XM Caliente

Pons Party Radio

Trendy multi-cultural star, Lele Pons, will be hosting “Pons Party Radio” on October 1st at 1:00PM EST. Tune in to hear Lele’s exclusive commentary on all things social media, music culture, and Latin lifestyle!

SiriusXM “Caliente” (158)

Music for Business Sirius XM Caliente

SiriusXM Front-Row: Juanes

Join Netflix and Film Star, Paula Garces for an intimate session with Multi-Grammy Award winner, Juanes, on October 1st at 1:00PM EST. Enjoy a very special interview and acoustic performance with the Colombian mega-musician.

SiriusXM “Águila” (761)

Music for Business Sirius XM Aguila

Fiestas Patrias

Enjoy exclusive studio performances from El Fantasma, La Reunión Norteña, and Bronco as part of the SiriusXM Íconos broadcast series.

SiriusXM “Flow Nación” (765)

SiriusXM Flow Nacion for Business

Urban Spanish Music

Hear special sessions hosted by Hispanic Hip Hop and lyrical artists such as, C-Kan, Mala Rodriguez, C-Tangana, and more.

SiriusXM “Caricia” (762)

SiriusXM Music for Business Caricia

Musica del 1960’s

Hear the best of Latin music from the 1960’s on “Caricia” all month long!

SiriusXM “Rumbón” (767)

SiriusXM Music for Business Rumbon

Musica del 1970’s

Tune in for all the greatest tracks from Hispanic music released in the 1970’s.

SiriusXM “La Kueva” (768)

Music for Business Sirius XM La Kueva

Top Picks with Los Cafres

It’s a full month of Grammy Award Winners and Nominees hosted by Los Cafres! Join in on “La Kueva” to special broadcasts from artists including Vega, and a world premiere from Locos por Juana.

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