SiriusXM Sound Station GDI-SXTTR2 Business Radio

SiriusXM Sound Station Business RadioThe SiriusXM Sound Station business radio is the latest technology to hit Music for Business. All of the power and dependability of SiriusXM endless streaming licensed background music, and the mobility of a portable speaker! With the Sound Station Radio, you can connect to your music for business account via versatile internet connections. Surgeons use the Sound Station to bring their favorite music with them from operating room to operating room. Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers use the Sound Station to move between Yoga, Martial Arts, and Spin classes. Construction Workers use the Sound Station to continue rocking while they change project locations. The list goes on and on!

The SiriusXM Sound Station comes equipped with a fantastic list of features. The first thing you will notice about the Sound Station (GDI-SXTTR2-MFB) is the large color display, showing album art and channel information for every song. With this display, business account holders are able to easily browse channel categories, set multiple alarms, and select 10 favorite channels for quick access on the go. The new display also allows you to customize your favorite music for business stations with MyMix. MyMix is the unique slider system SiriusXM developed to let you control the tone, pace, and overall feel of your currently playing channel.

The SiriusXM Sound Station also comes complete with both Headphone and Auxiliary inputs. Teachers love the ability to listen to their favorite Sirius XM business channels on their headphones at school. As they change classrooms and staff areas throughout the day, it can be a bit hard to find space that isn’t also being occupied by other employees or students. The Sound Station solves this issue with ease! Just take your tabletop radio with you, and plug in your headset. Now you have private music for business, and you can unplug anytime for public airplay again.

Unplug your business, and free yourself from royalties. Call Sonu Media at (877) 307-6677 to order your SiriusXM Sound Station internet radio for business today!

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