SiriusXM Overhead Music for Business No Long Term Contracts

Background Music for Business

Background music for business is an industry rife with providers who lock their customers into long term contracts. This can make it difficult for seasonal store fronts to optimize their off-season spending, and even create an air of distrust for traditional businesses using their music for business services. SiriusXM Music for Business wants to keep your company as a client based on quality or service, not forced signatures. That’s why they offer background music and messaging account activation without long-term contracts!

Overhead Music for Business without Long Term Contracts

Background Music for Business

With SiriusXM Background Music for Business, your company is always free to change its account status. We are extremely confident that once you have experienced how easy and effective our music and messaging services are, you will choose to keep SiriusXM on your speakers. This also makes providing overhead music and messaging to pop-up shops and holiday themed retail outlets far more cost effective. Imagine you own a Beachfront Retail Store, Christmas Tree Store or Halloween Costume Shop that is only open two or three months out of the year. Even though your business has a more non-traditional schedule, it still deserves to benefit from the advantages of overhead music and messaging for your customers. With SiriusXM Background Music for Business, you are able to activate and/or cancel your services to coincide with your unique opening and closing schedule!

SiriusXM has a wonderfully talented curation staff that monitors and selects playlists which help your business drive sales. At both SiriusXM and Sonu Media, our goal is to aid the success of your business.. not take advantage of it. Choose the service that allows your company the freedom of choice. Choose SiriusXM Music for Business and Sonu Media! Contact us for a Free Background Music Quote at (877) 307-6677 or

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